Sutton Sorensen was born and raised in the lush and dreary complexion of Portland, Oregon, where most people spend Halloween through Independence Day bundled in a rain coat, clenching an umbrella, and reminding themselves why they chose this ridiculous place: the utopian summers. "Did I experience culture shock when I moved to Nashville? Musically, yes. Otherwise, I remember two feelings: joy and fear. Joy at having finally made the move, and fear because I had no idea what the hell I had gotten myself into, or what I was doing."


What brought her here? "The desire to leave home. I didn't want to spend any more of my life in the city I grew up in. I have far too much wanderlust. Equally, I wanted to grow as an artist - a songwriter - and as they say, 'you have to be here'." So, on January 2, 2013 she packed up her Acura coup (literally threw everything in the car - no boxes) and drove across the country by herself. "Moving rocked my world - changed me - and I have fond memories of that trip. Nothing quite tops spending my birthday at the Grand Canyon." After two weeks of liberating solitude she arrived in East Nashville to falling snow. "I rented a room in a house I'd never visited, from a woman I'd never met, in a city I barely knew. I've learned so much since that day... mostly that what so many of us are seeking isn't 'out there' somewhere... it's right in front of us, in each painful, joyful, whatever moment."


Does she write songs? Yes, and that's some of what you'll hear tonight. But mostly she just loves to sing, no matter who wrote the song. "If it's a great song and I love it, I'll sing it. And I will always sing, whether it pays the bills or not."






"Sutton's voice is a tender, beautiful instrument. Whether singing a cover song or one of her thoughtful originals, she is owning every syllable with a deft touch plus oodles of heart and soul."

- Tom Grant,


"... A singer with a hook in her voice so strong it swung the room, changed the temperature... How do you eat when a voice from someone you’ve never seen cuts you?... More amazing was the outpouring of emotions from the crowd after she packed her gear to leave. She didn’t get everything packed away, and maybe that’s the difference maker. She left a feeling of hope... What Sutton left behind that night was remnants of The Dream... the one where a talented local breaks away... At every stage of life there’s a time to step up, to collect yourself and put your best foot forward. Sutton Sorensen knows how to tell time. She knows how to keep time. From the way she works a song, this is her time."

- David Gillaspie, BoomerPDX


"It was hard for me to open Sutton's new CD. It wasn't because, like most CDs, hers was permeated in tight plastic shrink wrap, but because I couldn't stop staring at the cover. Her understated beauty and grace had me hypnotized. When I shook myself out of my stupor, opened the CD and listened, I was amazed to hear a voice that matched the image I had imagined her to be. Her voice was as beautiful as a gentle summer breeze, pitch perfect and soothing. The cover songs that were featured fit her voice perfectly, and her original material was rich with emotion and lyricism. The production was top shelf, and the mixing was deep and wide. All around a wonderful first release by a soon to be very popular artist."

- Dave Friedlander (Prince & Pink Martini), Sir Round's Sound


"Sutton's record is like a well-crafted wine. More red than white, with complex flavors and aromas of lavender, rhubarb, dark and red cherry. Very faint wood smoke gives a sweet smoked cherry impression. Very little acidity at the beginning, but starts to build at the back end, leaving a mouth-watering persistence."

- Steve Sundholm (Jim Brickman & Lady Antebellum), Kung Fu Bakery Recording Studios


"Editor's Pick"

CD Baby, CD Baby: Discover Music, Issue 2 ~ June 2012


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